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                    ABOUT USWhy Choose YAFEITE

                    Shandong YAFEITE Metal Products Co.,Ltd . was founded in 1998, a large group company integrating R&D, production, processing, sales and international trade. YAFEITE is a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of abrasive media, lead product and steel ball, with h。。。


                    PRODUCT CENTER

                    The quality of our products has reached the relevant standards of SAE American Automobile Engineers Association and has passed ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification. The products are exported to more than 20 countries and are highly praised by users from all over the world.

                    NEWS CENTER

                    Focus on real-time news and keep abreast of the latest developments!

                    • 为客户创造价值,为员工创造平台,为企业创造利润,为社会创造财富

                    • 钢丸钢砂在钢材表面处理工艺中的应用

                    • 厂家供应优质国标钢丸,专业国标钢丸更耐用,更省钱

                    CONTACT US

                    Create value for customers, create platforms for employees, create profits for enterprises, and create wealth for society. Innovative management, refined operation, and create the most cost-effective in this field!


                    Jinan Iron and Steel Industrial Zone, North Industry Road, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China